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With four distinct Fitness Concepts to uplevel your fitness journey.

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welcome to lhtx Fitness

welcome to

lhtx Fitness

Our studio has moved and expanded! We now incorporate the incredible benefits of infrared heat and have grown from one to four distinct and complementary fitness concepts. Here to diversify and uplevel your fitness journey, every single low-impact, high-results class is an entirely original modality to LHTX Fitness and custom-curated on the daily. 

Our vibrant community has grown to have something for everyone – from total newbies to
fitness enthusiasts to pro athletes. Get ready to transform!

CLASS Formats

Embrace the transformation with our signature classes, curated fresh daily:

Power Pilates

Unleash your potential with dynamic PowerFormer workouts that sculpt, strengthen, and energize. Exclusive to LHTX, our custom-designed reformer machine enhances results in a non-heated studio.


Experience the ultimate musically-driven mat class with a fusion of high-intensity interval training and low-impact techniques in our heated infrared studio.

Reach & revive

Recharge your body and rejuvenate your mind with infrared heated sessions focused on deepening flexibility and enhancing strength.

Bounce & Burn

Elevate your fitness with exhilarating rhythm-based workouts on a rebounder
in our infrared heated studio. Boost cardio endurance and
sculpt muscles.

We're more than just a fitness studio – we're a community dedicated to helping each other achieve our goals and unlock our full potential. Welcome to our one-of-a-kind classes in a welcoming, innovative space.
Whether you're a seasoned athlete or a total beginner, there's something for everyone.
Take your fitness to the next LevelUp.

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Say hello to our two custom-built studios: an infrared heated, humidified space, and a windowed space full of natural light – both featuring an advanced ionization system that continuously eliminates bacteria, viruses, and mold to maintain well-oxygenated, properly humidified, and disinfected air quality throughout. Step into a state-of-the-art destination designed to elevate your workout experience to greater heights.

From our cutting-edge equipment to our thoughtfully crafted environment, every detail is tailored to inspire and empower you on your fitness journey. Get ready to redefine what's possible as you train in style and sweat at the new incarnation of LHTX Fitness.

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Why is everyone talking about infrared? Who are our classes for? What should I bring to class!?
Get the answers to all your questions here.