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Our instructors are both high-energy and highly trained, and are committed to empowering every single client to LevelUp. While each one brings their own unique strengths to the studio, we all share a mission to deliver a challenging and rewarding workout for real results.

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Is Power Pilates hard?

Yes, this signature class will challenge you. We are not traditional pilates, and we take pride in our high energy, high calorie burning interpretation of this methodology. You will burn, you will shake, you will sweat (A LOT), but you WILL see results.

Do you offer beginner classes?

We do not offer beginners classes. Our classes are curated to build strength and endurance throughout the week. We have modifications for every move. Our skilled trainers will guide and adjust your form, whether it's your first or 100th class. If you feel as if you may need extra assistance learning the method we offer private sessions.

Are all of your classes heated?

No, Power Pilates is not heated.

Power Mat, Bounce & Burn, Reach & Revive are heated to the ideal temperature for maximum benefits during your practice. Our advanced heating/ionization system continuously eliminates bacteria, viruses, and mold to maintain well-oxygenated, properly humidified, and disinfected air quality; and our floor is antimicrobial too.

What are the benefits of infrared heat?

1. Increased Calorie Burn: Working out in infrared heat can increase your heart rate and metabolism, leading to a higher calorie burn compared to traditional exercise.

2. Improved Flexibility and Range of Motion: The heat from infrared therapy can help to relax muscles and improve flexibility, allowing for a greater range of motion during exercise.

3. Enhanced Detoxification: Sweating in infrared heat can help to eliminate toxins and impurities from the body, aiding in the detoxification process.

4. Faster Recovery: The increased circulation and blood flow from infrared heat can help to speed up recovery time after a workout, reducing muscle soreness and fatigue.

5. Increased Endurance: Exercising in infrared heat can help to improve cardiovascular endurance and stamina, allowing you to push yourself harder and longer during workouts.

6. Enhanced Performance: Some athletes and fitness enthusiasts believe that working out in infrared heat can improve performance, increase strength, and boost overall athletic abilities.

Who are LHTX classes for?

All modalities at LHTX Fitness are appropriate for adults of all fitness levels and body types.

How do I find the studio?

We’re located in the heart of Upper Kirby, at 2808 Richmond Avenue 77098. Right across from Levy Park. Give us a ring if you have trouble tracking us down at 832.683.6532.

Where should I park?

We have our own designated parking lot in front of the studio. Additional free parking is available across the street on Wakeforest Street, as well as in the Sonoma parking lot from 5:30am-2pm.

Please do not park in the designated Daletile or Well House parking spaces. Thank you!

What should I bring to class?

Power Pilates
Grip socks are required. If you don’t have any, you can purchase a pair at the studio before your first class.

Power Mat
Hydration is key! Bring a BIG cold water bottle, ideally stacked with electrolytes. You’ll also want a yoga towel. Everything else you need will be provided. If you don’t have a yoga towel, we have them for rent or purchase at the studio.

Bounce & Burn
Bring your water bottle, a yoga towel and tennis shoes. Everything else you need will be provided. If you don’t have a yoga towel, we have them for rent or purchase at the studio.

Reach & Revive
Hydration is essential here. Bring a BIG cold water bottle, and we recommend stacking with electrolytes, plus a yoga towel. If you don’t have a yoga towel, we have them for rent or purchase at the studio.

How many classes should I take each week?

We recommend 4-6 classes per week to see optimum results. However, especially when you’re first getting into it, listen to your body. Rest and recovery are key for long-lasting changes.

How many people are in each class?

There will be a maximum of 11 clients in Power Pilates, and in the infrared studio, a maximum of 25 clients in Power Mat and Reach & Revive, and max 40 for Bounce & Burn.

Do you have locker rooms and showers?

Yes, we have a women’s locker room with two showers, large vanities and bath towels provided; a men’s restroom with a single shower, and a unisex restroom.

How long is each class?

Power Pilates: 45 minutes
Reach & Revive: 45 minutes
Bounce & Burn: 60 minutes
Power Mat: 60 minutes

We look forward to meeting you!
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Grip socks are required for the Power Pilates classes - this is for your safety and to maintain the cleanliness of the studio. Don’t have any? Not to worry, they are available to purchase at LHTX.


We have a 12 hour cancellation policy. You may cancel any class reservation at least 12 hours prior to class start time with no penalty and the class credit will be available for you to rebook.

A class that is canceled less than 12 hours prior to the start time is considered a LATE CANCEL and will be forfeited if booked using a class credit. If the class is booked with an Unlimited membership a $15 fee will be assessed.

A class that is booked but not attended is considered a NO SHOW and will be forfeited if booked using a class credit. If class is booked with an Unlimited membership a $20 fee will be assessed.


If the start of the class is before 12 hours you may cancel the class you are booked in and enroll in the new class time.

Same day or last minute class swaps are still subject to the 12 hour cancellation policy even if there is an open spot in desired class time.


Go to the LHTX app. Click on the reservation you would like to cancel and select “cancel reservation”.

If you have issues canceling a class please email hello@lhtxfitness.com.


5 waitlist spots are available for each class. You must have a class credit or a membership to join the waitlist. If the class time you want to take is full, add yourself to the waitlist. Click on the desired class time, then “Join the Waitlist”. The waitlist is active until 12 hours prior to class. When a spot becomes available you will automatically be added to the class. A notification email and or text (make sure you opted in for class alerts) will be sent to you. Once added to the class, the reservation is confirmed and is subject to the 12 hour cancellation window.


When you schedule your LHTX class you are paying for our workout, not the instructor of that class. The workout is the same throughout the day. Instructors are subject to change without notice.


All sales of classes and memberships are final. No Refunds.

Recurring memberships must be canceled within 7 days prior to billing date.

You may freeze your membership prior to the billing date for up to 3 months.

Exchanges may be made on tagged unworn retail within 7 days of purchase.

No refunds on merchandise.

All classes must be paid for in advance.

LHTX is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

LHTX reserves the right to refuse business to anyone.

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