The LHTX fitness method combines core, endurance, cardio, balance, strength and flexibility training for unparalleled results.


LHTX is a workout unlike any other. Taking LHTX classes regularly can lead to rapid results like these:

A stronger

weight loss

A longer, leaner physique


More physical and mental strength

Fresh confidence and energy

A shift in body composition

The LHTX method

What makes the LHTX method so popular? It quickly transforms your body with just a few classes per week. If you’re stuck at a fitness plateau, LHTX will recharge your motivation and results.

While LHTX offers an intense workout, it’s also low impact and suitable for people at all levels of fitness. During classes, you’ll perform exercises on the Powerformer, which is uniquely designed to maximize the impact of your workout.

Why it works

LHTX is so effective because it addresses all aspects of fitness in a single workout.

In every class, you’ll train your muscles to a threshold of intensity that will stimulate improvement. This promotes fat loss and lean muscle growth. You’ll work every muscle in its length, which improves flexibility, and focus on core stabilizing exercises and maintaining good form throughout every move.


Effective resistance

LHTX classes use spring resistance, allows for peak muscle contraction while reducing the stress on the joints and the connective tissue.


Effective range of motion

Each movement is kept within the range of motion that targets the specific muscle or group of muscles.


Effective angle

With adjustable equipment, you can train at different angles to help recruit different muscle groups.


Effective tempo

Slow and controlled movements keep the tension on muscles constant, which activates slow-twitch, fat-burning muscle fibers.



Each set lasts at least 60 seconds to stimulate fast- and slow-twitch muscle fibers. Transitions are kept to a minimum to keep the muscles working and the heart rate up.